Guardians of the Sounds


The project has a long term goal of replanting native trees to the Marlborough Sounds. Our forefathers removed 1 million cubic feet of podocarps from the area now is the right time to replant the sounds for a sustainable future.


This is a practical project which will enable us to offer Enviromental Education to our younger generation by involving them in the removal of pest species and restoration of local native forests. 


                                        Involve me and I understand 



Phase 1

The project is starting in Victoria Domain which is easily accessible to all .

Here we can learn how best to achieve our goal before moving out into the sounds.


Guardians of Victoria Domain was formed as a sub-committee to facilitate this project.


Robin Dunn                 (Marlborough District Council)

Bill Foster                   (Guardians of the sounds)

Paul Keating               (Guardians of the sounds)


Stage 1 Management

Andrew Macalister (R and D Environmental) 

Project Ethos

Tell me - I Forget 
Involve me – I Understand
Show me – I Remember