Successful Funding


We have been successful with funding for stage 1 start up;

This Funding is targeted at removal of Pest Tree species in Victoria Domain and replanting of Native Tree species.

Work commenced on 20th April 2016 , See Video Section for progress


Many Thanks to the below organisations ;


Funding Approved for 2015 -2016 

Rata Foundation                                                                       $15,000
Marlborough District Council                                                  $11,000
Funding Approved for 2016 - 2017 - 2018 
Marlborough District Council                                                  $23,900 ( $71,700) 

Further Funding Sought ; 

 Native Tree Information Trail                                                $15,000

Our local College have committed to organisation of a Native tree trail which will be completed by students as a project. First identify species  planted the photograph and prepare information to be displayed on Large color signs at each specimen. A great education tool for Marlborough to use and the many foreign travelers into Picton.

Planting of the Domain, 09 / 2016 ongoing                             $4,500 per annum 

Planting costs include, purchase of trees, hire of equipment, transportation of refuse and labour, fertilizer costs, tree protection costs, monitoring costs. This part of the project will involve local youth and educators from schools or as individuals.

We will be planning approximately 200 trees per annum with the help of the children.

Individual Tree sponsorship available, a family tree , email Contact Page . 

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Individual Donations can be given directly to Totaras for Totaranui;


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